15, Jun 2023
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How AI is Revolutionizing Customer Service in Business

Published On: 15, Jun, 2023

Artificial intelligence (AI) is rapidly changing the way businesses operate, and customer service is no exception. AI is being used to automate tasks, personalize experiences, and provide proactive support in ways that were never before possible.

Here are some of the benefits of using AI in customer service:

Improved efficiency: AI can automate many of the tasks that are currently handled by customer service representatives, freeing them up to focus on more complex issues. This can lead to shorter wait times and faster resolution times for customers.

Personalized experiences: AI can be used to personalize the customer experience by providing recommendations, upselling and cross-selling products, and resolving issues more quickly. This can help to improve customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Proactive support: AI can be used to proactively identify and resolve customer issues before they become major problems. This can help to prevent customer churn and improve customer satisfaction.

Here are some of the applications of AI and process automation in customer service:

Chatbots: Chatbots are computer programs that can simulate conversation with humans. They can be used to answer customer questions, resolve simple issues, and provide general support.

Sentiment analysis: Sentiment analysis is the process of identifying the emotional tone of text. It can be used to understand customer feedback and identify areas where customer satisfaction is lacking.

Predictive analytics: Predictive analytics is the process of using historical data to predict future behavior. It can be used to identify customers who are at risk of churning and take steps to prevent them from leaving.

AI is still in its early stages of development, but it has the potential to revolutionize customer service. By automating tasks, personalizing experiences, and providing proactive support, AI can help businesses to improve customer satisfaction, loyalty, and retention.

What Does AI Mean for Customer Service?

AI is changing the way customer service is delivered. In the past, customer service was largely a manual process, with agents handling customer inquiries and resolving issues. However, AI is now being used to automate many of these tasks, freeing up agents to focus on more complex issues.

AI is also being used to personalize the customer experience. By understanding customer preferences and past interactions, AI can provide recommendations, upsell and cross-sell products, and resolve issues more quickly. This can lead to improved customer satisfaction and loyalty.

How does AI improve customer service?

AI can improve customer service in a number of ways, including:

Providing 24/7 support: AI-powered chatbots can provide support 24/7, which can be helpful for customers who need help outside of normal business hours.

Resolving issues quickly: AI can quickly identify and resolve common issues, which can reduce customer wait times and improve customer satisfaction.

Personalizing the customer experience: AI can personalize the customer experience by providing recommendations, upselling and cross-selling products, and resolving issues more quickly.

Improving customer satisfaction: AI can improve customer satisfaction by providing a more personalized and efficient customer experience.

There are a number of ways to use AI in customer service, including:

Automating tasks: AI can be used to automate many of the tasks that are currently handled by customer service representatives, freeing them up to focus on more complex issues.

Personalizing the customer experience: AI can be used to personalize the customer experience by providing recommendations, upselling and cross-selling products, and resolving issues more quickly.

Proactive support: AI can be used to proactively identify and resolve customer issues before they become major problems.

Why AI is the future of customer service?

AI is the future of customer service. It has the potential to improve customer satisfaction, loyalty, and retention in a number of ways. As AI continues to develop, it will become even more powerful and versatile, making it an essential tool for any business that wants to provide excellent customer service.

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Exploring the Power of AI: Unleashing the Potential of Generative Fill in Adobe Photoshop AI

Published On: 08, Jun, 2023

Artificial intelligence has revolutionized various industries, and graphic design is no exception. With the advent of generative fill in Photoshop AI, designers now have access to a powerful tool that can unlock their creativity and take their artwork to new heights.

In this article, we will delve into the world of generative fill, exploring its features, benefits, and how to effectively use it in your design process.

The Arrival of Generative Fill in Adobe Photoshop AI

Generative fill is an innovative feature introduced in Photoshop, enabling designers to automatically generate content based on the existing elements in their artwork. It leverages deep learning algorithms to analyze patterns, textures, and colors in an image and create new content that seamlessly blends with the original composition. This AI-powered tool has opened up endless possibilities for designers, offering quick and efficient ways to enhance their artwork.

Photoshop AI Features: Beyond Generative Fill

While generative fill is a game-changer, Photoshop AI offers a range of other powerful features that further augment the design process. From intelligent object removal and content-aware scaling to automated color correction and image enhancement, AI algorithms in Photoshop provide designers with advanced tools to streamline their workflow and achieve stunning results.

Enhance Your Creative Potential with Generative Fill in Photoshop AI

Generative fill empowers designers to push the boundaries of their creativity. It offers a wealth of possibilities, allowing you to generate new objects, create captivating backgrounds, extend images seamlessly, and even remove unwanted elements. Whether you’re working on digital illustrations, photo composites, or graphic design projects, generative fill can spark new ideas and enhance your artistic vision.

Accessing Generative Fill in Photoshop AI: A Quick Guide

To access generative fill in Photoshop AI, simply select the area in your image where you want to apply the fill and navigate to the “Edit” menu. From there, choose the “Fill” option and select “Generative Fill” as the content-aware option. Photoshop AI will analyze the image and generate content that seamlessly blends with the surrounding elements.

How to Use Generative Fill?

  • Generating Objects: If you want to add new elements to your composition, simply select an area where you want the object to appear, apply generative fill, and let Photoshop AI work its magic. It will intelligently generate objects that fit seamlessly into your artwork.
  • Generating Backgrounds: With generative fill, you can effortlessly create stunning backgrounds by selecting a portion of your image and generating content that seamlessly extends the existing background. This feature is particularly useful for creating visually engaging designs with depth and complexity.
  • Extending Images: Need to extend the canvas or fill in missing areas in an image? Generative fill makes it easy. Just select the desired area, apply the fill, and watch as Photoshop AI generates content that blends naturally with the surrounding image.
  • Removing Objects: Generative fill also enables you to remove unwanted objects from your images. Simply select the area containing the object you want to remove, apply the fill, and let Photoshop AI intelligently generate content that fills the gap seamlessly.

Benefits of Generative Fill

Generative fill offers several benefits to designers. It saves time by automating content generation, eliminates the need for manual pixel manipulation, and provides quick solutions for enhancing artwork. Additionally, generative fill helps designers overcome creative blocks by providing fresh ideas and inspiring new directions for their designs.

In conclusion, generative fill in Photoshop is AI-powered content generation tool that empowers designers to explore their creativity, generate captivating content, and enhance their artwork effortlessly. By leveraging AI algorithms, designers can now push the boundaries of their designs and create visually stunning compositions.

Disclaimer: The terms “Photoshop” and “Adobe” are registered trademarks of Adobe Systems Incorporated. The use of these terms in this blog post is for informational purposes only and does not constitute an endorsement of any product or service by Adobe Systems Incorporated. For more information about Adobe, please visit their website: https://www.adobe.com/

22, May 2023
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How AI is Helping Brands Improve Search Engine Ranking and Content Engagement?

Published On: 22, May, 2023

In today’s digital world, content is king. As businesses increasingly rely on digital channels to reach customers, the importance of high-quality, engaging content cannot be overstated. However, creating great content is only half the battle – ensuring that it is discoverable and engages the right audience is equally important.

This is where content optimization comes in. Content optimization refers to the process of improving the visibility and effectiveness of content by making it more attractive to search engines and audiences alike and while content optimization has been around for some time, the rise of artificial intelligence (AI) is taking it to a whole new level.

In this article, we’ll explore how AI is helping brands optimize their content for search engines and improve content engagement.

Keyword Research: Finding the Right Words to Target

One of the key components of content optimization is keyword research. By identifying the terms and phrases that people are searching for, brands can create content that is more likely to be discovered by their target audience. However, traditional keyword research methods can be time-consuming and imprecise.

This is where AI-powered tools come in. By analyzing vast amounts of data and using machine learning algorithms, these tools can identify relevant keywords and phrases with greater accuracy and efficiency than traditional methods. This allows brands to create content that is more likely to rank well in search engine results pages (SERPs).

Content Creation: Ensuring Relevance and Readability

Once the right keywords have been identified, the next step is to create content that is both relevant and readable. This involves striking a balance between incorporating keywords into the content and ensuring that it reads naturally and engages the reader.

Again, AI-powered tools can help. By analyzing the content of top-ranking pages for a given keyword, these tools can identify patterns and trends in terms of language, structure, and tone. This can help brands create content that is not only optimized for search engines but also more engaging and valuable to their target audience.

Content Promotion: Getting the Right Eyes on Your Content

Finally, once the content has been created, the challenge becomes getting it in front of the right people. This is where content promotion comes in. By using various channels such as social media, email marketing, and influencer outreach, brands can reach a wider audience and drive more traffic to their content.

AI-powered tools can help here as well. By analyzing audience data and behavior patterns, these tools can identify the channels and tactics that are most likely to be effective for a given piece of content. This can help brands optimize their promotion efforts and get the most bang for their buck.


Content optimization is a critical component of any digital marketing strategy. By optimizing their content for search engines and improving content engagement, brands can increase their visibility, drive more traffic, and ultimately, achieve their marketing objectives. And with the help of AI-powered tools, this process is becoming more efficient, effective, and accurate than ever before.

Digital Internet Marketing

How AI is Going to Change the Digital Internet Marketing in 2023

Published On: 13, Jan, 2023

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is poised to revolutionize the field of digital marketing in the coming years. As technology continues to advance and more companies adopt AI-driven solutions, we can expect to see significant changes in the way that businesses approach digital marketing.

In this article, we will discuss some of the key ways that AI is likely to change digital marketing in 2023 and beyond

One of the most significant ways that AI is going to change digital marketing is through personalization. AI-powered tools can analyze customer data and browsing history to create personalized marketing messages, website content, and product recommendations. This level of personalization can make digital marketing efforts much more relevant to customers and increase the likelihood of conversions. Personalization also can be applied to retargeting, using customer data for a more specific advertisement, making it more likely to catch customer attention.

Another key area where AI is likely to have an impact is predictive analytics. By analyzing data from various sources, such as social media and e-commerce platforms, AI can help businesses to predict which customers are most likely to make a purchase, as well as identify patterns and trends that can inform marketing strategy. With the help of predictive analytics, businesses can be more targeted in their marketing efforts, reaching out to potential customers at the right time with the right message.

AI can also play a major role in content creation and optimization. AI-powered tools can be used to create and optimize digital content, such as product descriptions, social media posts, and video content. Using data analysis and natural language processing, AI can predict which types of content are likely to be most effective, helping businesses to save time and resources by focusing on creating content that resonates with their target audience. AI can also be used to optimize ad campaigns by identifying the best time and platforms to deliver ads to specific target groups, which leads to higher engagement and conversion rates.

Automation is another area where AI can make a big impact in digital marketing. AI can automate repetitive marketing tasks, such as email marketing and lead generation, allowing marketers to focus on more strategic work. By automating tasks that are time-consuming, businesses can save time and resources, enabling them to focus on more important aspects of their marketing strategy. For example, some companies are already using AI-powered chatbots to interact with customers and answer their questions, which allows them to free up time and resources for other important tasks.

It’s important to remember that AI is a tool, not a strategy on its own. Businesses should approach the technology with a clear strategy and understanding of how it can best be used to support their overall business goals. AI is great to process and analyze large amounts of data, but human insight and creativity are still needed to develop a strategy and make the best decision from the analysis. In addition, AI-driven personalization should be ethically sound, and compliant with data privacy laws, to maintain customer trust.

In conclusion, AI has the potential to greatly impact the field of digital marketing in the coming years. By providing personalization, predictive analytics, content creation and optimization, and automation, AI can help businesses to be more efficient and effective in their marketing efforts. However, it’s important to remember that AI is a tool that should be used to support overall business goals and be integrated with human insight and creativity. As technology continues to evolve, we can expect to see even more changes in digital marketing, making it more data-driven, efficient, and personalized.

30, Aug 2022
Digital Internet Marketing

Ultimate Digital Internet Marketing Plans for Real Estate Business

Published On: 30, Aug, 2022

Digital marketing is a crucial part of any business promotion, especially if you’re in real estate. It helps to boost your business’s online presence and helps to gain leads. In this article, you’ll know what real estate digital marketing strategies you should consider boosting your real estate business.

Why is Digital Marketing Important for Real Estate Business?

Digital marketing is important for real estate, and there are several reasons-

First of all, digital internet marketing helps you to reach your target customers in a way that was not possible before. It helps you to connect with the people who are looking for your services, and it allows you to make those connections more effectively than ever before.

Benefits of Digital Marketing for the Real Estate Business

Digital marketing for real estate can be a powerful way to grow the sales funnel and reach the relevant audience. Here are some of the benefits of digital marketing for real estate:

1. Increased Traffic to Your Site

If you’re looking for new customers, you need the best possible exposure to your real estate business. That is why it is important to build an engaging website that may convert general visitors to potential buyers. But how do you get that much of visitors online? Digital marketing will help you achieve this objective by driving traffic to your website through different channels.  

2. Better Marketing Message Delivery

When someone visits your website, they’ll see multiple pieces of content on different pages of your website including graphics and videos that will help explain what you do and why they should give you a chance. With digital marketing, all those pieces of content are delivered in such a way that everything is easy to find when someone lands on your page! 

Here is the ultimate guide to promoting your Real Estate Business through Digital Internet Marketing

a) Developing & Designing a User-Friendly Website

 A well-structured website is not only visually appealing but also functional and user-friendly. A poorly designed website will hurt your business rather than help it. That’s why it is important to hire a professional, who knows to develop a well-structured user-friendly website.

b) Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of enhancing the visibility of websites and web pages in search engines via “organic” search results. SEO is based on the principle that, if you have useful and relevant content on your website then over time your site should rank higher in the search results.

c) Content Marketing

Content marketing is vital for promoting a real estate business. Content marketing is an ideal way to create quality backlinks that helps to boost the SERP of the website. There are several channels to promote quality content including blogs, videos, infographics, innovative media creative design, etc, to reach the audience to interact with your real estate business. 

d) Online Reputation Management

Online reputation management is a way to manage and monitor your company’s reputation across the internet. By using a combination of various techniques, you will make sure that negative reviews are removed, positive reviews are promoted, and any comments left by unhappy clients are addressed directly and properly.

e)  Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is a practice of leveraging social networks to promote your real estate business. This includes various social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, etc. These social networking platforms provide visual content to build customer engagement. Here are some ideas to create helpful content to post on your social media channels:

  • Team bios
  • New or existing property listings
  • Blog posts
  • Success stories
  • Case Studies

Final Thought

However, with the right digital marketing plan, any real estate agency can exploit the power of online advertising to attract new customers and boost their revenue. If you want to boost your real estate business with digital internet marketing, you can always reach out to an experienced digital internet marketing agency like BluWebMedia.

15, Jun 2022
Digital Internet Marketing

Metaverse – A New Aspect of Digital Marketing

Published On: 15, Jun, 2022

In the 21st Century, where technology has grabbed almost every other industry and sphere of human life, it is pretty impossible not to hear the word ‘Metaverse.’ Metaverse is a new version of the internet that creates a digital replica of our world that exists parallelly with our natural world. It is not a concept that suddenly comes into existence. The term was coined almost two decades ago, in 1992 by Neal Stephenson in his novel Snow Crash. But to date majority of people have no proper idea of what is Metaverse and what is its use. 

Metaverse is a 3D virtual space connecting multiple platforms using VR (Virtual Reality), AR (Augmented Reality), and Blockchain. Metaverse combines these things to create a replica of our real world, like our existing internet. Though this technology has not yet developed properly, investors consider it the future of the world technology and invest large sums to grow this technology faster. 

Video game companies first adopt Metaverse. Roblox, Epic Games, Microsoft, Nvidia, and many other famous companies have accepted Metaverse and used them in their video games. The reason is not that they are 3D games, but nowadays, video games have reached a new height where players can participate in online events and concerts in the game, and it is only possible because of the 3D space that Metaverse offers. For example, in Fortnite, more than 10 million people attended Travis Scott’s in-game concert using Metaverse. 

Now, if we come to our primary discussion topic – Metaverse as the new way in Digital Marketing; it is impossible to state it in one or two words. Though it is still in its infancy, there is no doubt that Metaverse is a powerful technology. As it grows more and more popular, marketers will become interested in this technology. Using this new technology, it’ll be easier for them to create a one-to-one connection with the customers through AR and VR. In this era of Pandemic, it’ll be their primary tool to create a customized experience for the customers, which will satisfy the customers on the one hand and promote the brand name on the other. The touchless interaction is also maintained if you do marketing like this. 

Let’s discuss how digital marketing can be improved through Metaverse

Improves Data to speed up the Growth

If the Digital Marketing Agencies use Metaverse, it’ll be easier for them to collect accurate data to promote their product on Metaverse and off-Metaverse. Metaverse is a purely data-driven technology that will collect a considerable amount of data every time a customer interacts. This collected data will help the marketers to change their promotion strategy accordingly. It will support the growth of the marketing.

Cross-Channel Marketing

It is the main benefit of Metaverse marketing. Metaverse combines several platforms including online, public, private, closed, and open platforms and networks. With this ability, Metaverse can become a game-changer in the digital marketing industry as it will target audiences across platforms.

Create Space for Experiments

The Metaverse is not yet a fully developed technology, and we are not sure of the scopes of the Metaverse yet.  Therefore, there will be the space to try new things, and experiments will help the marketers to improve and optimize the marketing variables, which is the key to the growth of Digital Marketing. Also, it’ll create a good opportunity for the new brands to capture the market.

Improved Engagement

Engagement plays a vital role in digital marketing, and according to the data, our youth spends a lot of money and time on online gadgets, especially on virtual gadgets. This is where Metaverse becomes the gamechanger. On Metaverse, the engagement rate is really high, and it will become the best way to promote products. If the Digital Marketing Agencies can create a virtual world for the customers in the Metaverse, they can increase customer engagement, promoting the product more effectively.

Innovative Contents

Metaverse uses VR and AR to create virtual experiences, and if the marketers can promote 3D content through Metaverse, it will lead to the growth of digital marketing. The entire search engine system can be replaced by visual search, image processing, etc. The audience also has the chance to enter a website and have a one-to-one interaction with the virtual avatars of the reviewers. This will make things more customized and increase the reliability of the brand.

Summing Up

Undoubtedly, the Metaverse is a ground-breaking technology, though it is still in its infancy, and there are still a lot of things to explore in the world of the Metaverse. However, if you consider it as a business strategy, it’ll be beneficial and profitable. It helps you experiment with your promotion strategies and provide enough data to understand and change your marketing strategies accordingly. Most importantly, personalized one-to-one interaction with the consumers improves the brand’s engagement and reliability. On Metaverse, there are endless opportunities to experiment and create innovative content to attract the audience.

19, Apr 2022
Website Development

10 Key Website Metrics Need to Keep on Track

Published On: 19, Apr, 2022

You might have invested a lot in website design and development to reach your target audiences to gain traffic. But to understand if your marketing strategies are working or not, you need to track important website metrics.

Here are essential website metrics you need to focus on for improving your conversions.   

a) Organic Traffic 

This metric will tell you the number of visitors coming to your webpage after performing a Google search. If you want to gain more traffic and visitors, your site needs to be search engine optimized. You’ll also need users to enjoy website content, to like informative blogs and videos.  

If this metric is a bit low for your site, try improving the content quality and digital marketing campaigns. Also, look for backlinks from high authority and relevant sites, making your site look more authoritative. 

Don’t forget to check out how they’re performing for those of you running Google ads.  

b) Bounce Rate 

It defines the percentage of people who landed on your website but left immediately without taking any action on the page. The Google Analytics will give you this information. So, if the bounce rate is high, you must focus on keeping visitors hooked.

To reduce bounce rate, you can do the following – 

  • Make the site user-friendly and easy to navigate
  • Have a simple menu button and search bar 
  • Add engaging videos, blogs, images, and graphics
  • Reduce pop-ups and ads 

c) Session Duration

This metric tells you the amount of time a visitor spent on your website. The average session duration is around 3 minutes. So, if it’s below that for your site, you need to make the page content more engaging. 

Visitors will automatically spend more time online if your website has exciting products/services, engaging videos, or interesting content. 

For instance, if you post an informative blog article,  visitors will read it till the end. Therefore, this will directly improve the session duration.  

d) Major Traffic Source 

It is an important metric used in digital internet marketing that tells you the primary source of your traffic. It can include social media platforms, targeted emails, or Google ads. 

By combining this information with the session duration, you can better understand your audience. 

Suppose your primary traffic source is targeted emails, and the visitors coming from here have longer session durations. So, it means that your email marketing is successful!     

e) Device Metrics 

You can also track the type of devices your audience uses to access your website. It can include a smartphone, laptop, tablet, or desktop computer. In addition, you can also look at the operating systems and browsers your site visitors use with this metric. 

Based on the information, you can update your website design, navigation, and content quality to attract more visitors.

f) Page Loading Time 

Whether you are a reputed organisation or a new startup, your official website must load fast. Remember that visitors will leave your website if it takes over 4 seconds to load.

If your page speed is low, you can hire professional website development companies like BluWebMedia to improve the page speed by optimizing images, CSS, enabling browser cache, etc. Also, try to detect and remove any unnecessary site content that can make the web page fast loading. 

A faster website will get you more visitors and enhance traffic!  

g) Returning Visitors 

If your website fetches a lot of organic traffic, then the number of returning visitors might be high. So, this website metric shows the number of visitors who come back again and again to your site.  

  • If you have few returning visitors, you can enhance the web copy by adding high-quality images, short videos, games, or quizzes. 
  • For product-based websites, you have to improve the quality of products or services you’re offering.  

h) Page Views Per Session 

This metric tells you the average number of web pages visitors access on your website. You’ll understand which pages or content your audience prefers.  

You can increase the page views per session by adding internal website links. As a result, visitors will check out other pages during each session.  

i) Click-Through Rate 

Click-Through Rate (CTR) tells you how many clicks are received on your website against display of search engine ads or display of your website on the SERP.  If this metric is high, you can rejoice as your advertisements, keywords, and web content are performing well! 

On the contrary, if this number is low, you need to make your web content more interactive. Try adding buttons with attractive Call-To-Actions (CTAs) at the end of articles or videos—that’ll make anyone click on it!  

j) Conversion Rate 

Perhaps the most important and well-loved metric, it tells you how many visitors got converted into customers. If your products and associated web content are valuable, visitors are bound to come back for more.

Google Analytics will let you know if a user filled out a form, purchased a product, or signed up for a newsletter.    

Summing Up

The ultimate aim of understanding these metrics is to improve your website performance. So, besides improving your SEO, ad campaigns, or videos, examine the content quality on your website. 

Always look for ways to improve the content and provide more value to the customers. If you didn’t get satisfactory results before, you can always reach out to an experienced web development agency.     

30, Mar 2022
Social Media

Top 8 Social Media Marketing Trends of 2022 to Watch Out

Published On: 30, Mar, 2022

Whether you are a budding entrepreneur or a seasoned marketer, you’ll find your customers on social media. 

You’ll be surprised to know that 58.4%* of the global population spends average 2 hours and 27 minutes daily on platforms like Facebook and Instagram. So, you need to keep up with the trends.

Being aware of the latest digital internet marketing trends will help you enhance your marketing strategies. This article will highlight the latest social media marketing trends, which you must know to grow your business.   

Latest Social Media Trends You Should Follow in 2022

a) The Expansion of Social Commerce

Social media stores will be very popular in 2022, where brands can promote and sell their products. If you set one up, your customers can easily buy your products from these stores. It will be a booming market where small and large-scale companies will try to enter.
Plus, you can also provide customer support through these stores. You have to use chatbots and automatic direct messaging for that.

b) Rise of the Creator Economy 

Social media content creators will continue to dominate and influence their audience. You can connect, invest, and collaborate with these creators to steer customers towards your brand. 

These creators can also skyrocket your sales and promotion overnight! It happens as customers are more likely to buy a product recommended by their favourite celebrities.     

c) Short Video Marketing 

Thanks to Instagram Reels, short videos are the rage now and will continue to be popular in 2022. So, it will provide you with an excellent platform to connect with your customers and highlight your products. Being short, customers are less likely to skip these videos, and you’ll get more views!   

d) Paid Advertising Will Become More Essential 

As many companies observed the decline in organic reach and traffic, paid ads came to their rescue. So, if you’ve faced something similar, it’s time to invest in social media ad campaigns. It will help you connect with customers and improve brand visibility.

e) High-Quality and Relatable Content 

Customers want to consume content they can relate to. So, creating engaging content talking about your brand’s mission along with customer testimonials will be a popular social media marketing strategy in 2022. 

It will allow you to understand and connect better with your audience.

f) Social Media Messaging 

Nowadays, users are becoming more interested in communicating through social media messages. Plus, nobody prefers calling companies to ask about the services they offer. That’s why social media messaging is the new customer support strategy!  

So, you have to be ready with a dedicated customer support team for social media messaging.      

g) The No-Filter Invasion 

The No-filter feed or content offers authentic information, pictures, and videos to customers. Instead of perfectly curated content, this makes your brand seem more authentic.   

You can also leverage this trend and develop more original content to connect with your customers.  

h) User-Generated Content Will Be Trendy

Brands will include user-generated content in their marketing campaigns, as it allows them to connect more with their customers. It can include pictures or videos a customer shares after using a product. 

New customers are more likely to buy from you if you post this type of content on your brand’s social media pages.   

Parting Thoughts 

Understanding the latest social media marketing trends will let you know your customer’s interests. Be it short videos or long ads, the content must be valuable to the customer. 

If your social media strategies fall flat, you can always contact a premium digital internet marketing agency like BluWebMedia India. They will help you turbocharge your online marketing campaigns.  

*Source: https://www.smartinsights.com/social-media-marketing/social-media-strategy/new-global-social-media-research/

04, Feb 2022
Mobile App Development

Android or iOS App Development: Which is Best for Your Business?

Published On: 04, Feb, 2022

In 2022, if anyone reconsiders having mobile app development for their business, they will fall behind against their competitors. Creating a digital presence has become imperative for every business, and personalising an app that represents your brand is crucial.

Once you realise the importance of app development, you might have doubts regarding which operating system to choose. The right mobile app development company will be your best advisor and provide you with the direction you need to choose between Android vs iOS. However, as an entrepreneur, you need to have the logical reasoning to back your decision on the same.

Android or iOS App Development

When considering either iOS app development or Android app development, there are some common differentiations to consider. These include the number of downloads, user retention, targeted market, revenue, and more. Let us look at such aspects in detail to help you determine which option to choose.

1.    Market Share

When considering the market share division of Android and iOS app development, one must consider the number of users in each platform.

Android is a much more widely used operating system because it is available across different brands and devices. iOS is only limited to Apple users, making it have a comparatively smaller number of users.

It is easy to state that if a user wants to target a wider audience, they will choose Android. It has ten times more chances of scalability compared to iOS.


Since most start-ups choose visibility initially, it is wiser to choose Android app development. One can always incorporate iOS later and make the app services available for Apple users as well.

2.    App revenue

How much revenue can you generate from an app will determine how you choose to develop. When a start-up tries to utilise the benefits of smartphone facilities, they have to calculate the potential revenue they expect and can practically generate. 

iOS has positioned itself over time to prove that it is a platform that can generate high revenue for businesses. Most iOS apps have paid features requiring users to make in-app purchases to utilise the functions fully.

Android is gradually catching up in terms of app monetisation. However, there is still a long way to go when it comes to Play Store becoming comparatively more monetised than App Store.


If your start-up is looking to expect in-app purchases as a significant form of revenue. You might consider iOS app development and vice versa.

3.    User retention

It is crucial to analyse the potential user retention of an app in a platform to judge if it will perform well or not. As an entrepreneur, it will be difficult for you to understand this concept. Thus, the mobile app development company you partner with will help you create the analysis.

They will consider several factors that contribute towards app uninstallation and uninstallation rate. One of the primary reasons to determine this is the experience you can deliver through the app.

Many times, users using different operating systems have varied reasons to uninstall an app. When comparing Android vs iOS apps, it is seen that Android users are usually more loyal and adjust to mediocre app experiences. However, Apple users significantly shift if they do not have a good experience with an app.


You primarily need to collaborate with the best mobile app development company to enhance user retention. Their expertise will help you design a credible app that is widely accepted irrespective of the app format you choose.

Which App Platform is Suitable for Start-ups?

One needs to consider multiple factors when they need mobile app development for their start-up. Since start-ups generally have limited capital, not taking the right decision can result in severe consequences. Thus, considerations to determine choosing between either app platform would include:

1.    Understanding Your Audience

Do you know that the US and Australia is majorly dominated by Apple users? Do you also know that 80% of the world population uses Android devices?

Since you need to cater to a specific audience, you must consider your expected reach. For example, if you build an app for western countries, you have to choose iOS app development. However, if you consider the entire world as your target audience, you would select Android.

2.    Knowing Your User

There are quite a few traits that separate iOS users from Android users. Thus, understanding the type of user you wish to cater to is essential.

iOS users tend to have higher income and education levels. The most straightforward reason is Apple’s pricing against Android’s availability for the masses. Apple users tend to be more engaged with apps they install and are likely to make in-app purchases as per their interest.

Most independent Android users are between the age of 25 to 45. They spend consciously and are often late to adopt technology.

3.    Setting in-app Purchases

If your app requires users to make an in-app purchase to access most of it, you should consider iOS app development. The average in-app cost of an iOS app is $10.8, while for Android, it is $0.43 for the same.

The geographical difference between iOS and Android users is a significant factor that impacts people’s purchase behaviour. For example, globally, a user spends around $0.50 for an in-app purchase. For Asia, the cost paid is around $0.70, while for Europe, North and Latin America, it is $0.26, $0.61 and $0.16 respectively.

4.    Considering Fragmentation

One aspect where Apple can never surpass Android is fragmentation. Apple is an exclusive brand selling a specific range of smart devices. Whereas Android is incorporated and sold through a variety of brands. Moreover, since Google partnered with Android and produced thousands of devices, the market has only been increasing.

If the primary motive of your start-up is to become a household name, you should choose Android app development. However, if you only wish to focus on the elite group of limited users, you must select iOS.

5.    Considering Release cycles

While fragmentation is an upside for your Android inclination, you must also consider the downside of release cycles. Android app upgrades are usually restricted as they are partnered with OEM devices. Since Apple has a limited number of iPads and iPhones, it is way more flexible to support new operating systems. Fragmentation in Android makes it tough to make it adaptable to new versions.

6.    Designing Expectations

What your app wishes to cater to will determine how a mobile app development company would design it. Your start-up could require a particular type of app platform depending on your target audience, but your design pattern might not be easy for the same.

Google Material Design has a significant impact on the user experience. However, most app developers feel Swift is a better model than Java for start-ups.

It is essential to consider that designing depends more on the skill than the platform you choose. It is best to associate with a brand that offers both forms of mobile app development and can assist you in choosing between the two.

How are Android and iOS Apps Developed?

When you speak to an app development company, you might find them give you different reasons that make app development distinctive for both platforms. Most importantly, you might think about why the cost of development differs from one another.

Some reasons make app development distinctive from Android to iOS. Here are some aspects to consider:

1.    Programming Language

Different programming languages help build apps in Android and iOS devices depending on their operating systems. The most significant distinction is that iOS apps run on Objective-C/Swift, and Android runs on Java or Kotlin.

Since Swift coding requires less time than Java, stacking is easier to dominate when developing iOS apps. Android app developers are slowly migrating to Kotlin from Java as it is easier to manoeuvre.

2.    Testing

Every developing app goes through several testing phases, irrespective of the software type. Simulators for iOS and emulators for Android are examples of testing options for the two. One common difference is that simulators are faster than emulators. However, emulators are comparatively more effective as it is equivalent to a virtual machine with a CPU. Simulators are often inaccurate and unrealistic. Thus, testing is often time-consuming and repetitive for iOS app development, depending on the number of bugs and interactive flow.

3.    Interface

An app interface determines the visual contrasts accessible to the smartphone user. Mobile app developers assemble XML documents for Android and XIB for iOS. From a technical point of view, iOS animation is superior to Android.

The Google-Android collaboration has improved interface significantly with Android L and design pattern, Material Design. However, Apple has always been intricate with its interface and provided optimum user experience through quality animation. Google prioritises hardware, unlike interface intricacies.

Choosing between Android and iOS app Development

Now that you have gone through the significant differences and determining factors, it is time to consider which app platform suits your start-up. Let us consider why start-ups choose iOS vs Android apps and then decide whether or not you have the same reasons to do so.

When does a Start-up Invest in iOS App Development?

If a start-up wants to provide services to the elite and concentrated group based in western countries primarily, they might choose iOS app development. Many start-ups choose iOS if they are not convinced that their app will be moved to the home screen due to lower acceptability. Since iOS is less fragmented, it is usually preferred for initial trials. Concentrating primarily on a smaller audience can generate revenue if the app receives acceptability.

When does a Start-up invest in Android app development?

If a start-up wishes to cater to the global market or specifically a market that predominantly uses Android, they will consider it over iOS. If the app requires several customisations, there will also be an inclination towards Android.

Which App Platform Should You Choose?

By now, you might have guessed that we would recommend you to choose developing apps on both platforms. While the debate between choosing Android and iOS app development is unending, together, they will give you a power-packed solution to cater to your target audience.

Of course, you might choose one over the other depending on the determining factors stated above. Moreover, monetary aspects, time constraints, accessibility, demographics are all concerns that you will consider when choosing one over the other.

We recommend you primarily choose a credible app development company to clear your doubts and give you robust solutions. They will be your best guide to confirm which app platform you should select first. You can always incorporate both when you have the time, money, resources, and chances of scalability.

When Should You Extend App Accessibility?

If you want to build one app on either platform now and expand to both later, you can consider the activity based on a few aspects. Primarily, you will want to extract every advantage from the current platform. For example, if your app generates significant revenue from the App Store, you will know when to introduce it to the Play Store. In contrast, if your app gains significant followers on Play Store, you can increase monetisation chances by introducing it to the App Store.

Final thoughts

Before choosing one app platform over the other, you need to rely on a reputed mobile app development company. BluWebMedia is eager to be your trusted partner to create quality mobile apps for either or both platforms. Our efficient app developers will go through a thorough brainstorming session to help you determine which platform suits your company. While we recommend you incorporate both, you can always start with one and expand later.

17, Jan 2022
Website Development

Things To Plan Before Hiring a Website Development Company for Your Business

Published On: 17, Jan, 2022

In 2022, every business requires an online presence to increase sales. If you are starting a business, you will want to create a unique online identity that a website can offer you.

It is evident that you will require website development services from a qualified website development company to achieve that goal. Here, we will give you a guide that you must follow before hiring a web development company.

How To Plan and Hire a Web Development Company

When you want to obtain services related to website development for your business, there are aspects to analyse from your end. Having a clear approach to the following points will help you get through to the correct development agency:

1.    Purpose

It is clear to you that you need a website. But are you clear about how you want to utilise it to grow your business?

Are you considering an eCommerce site to sell your products and services online? Or do you want to share information about what you do to generate sales?

Once you ensure the purpose behind what you require, it will help you approach and explain your requirement. A credible web development company will give you suggestions based on your basic idea and expectations.

2.    Reviewing Competitors

If you do not have a clear idea about how you want your website to look, you might take your competitor’s sites as references. Going through their representation will give you better ideas and samples to help the web development company for reference.

Going through your competitor’s website will give you an idea of what similarities and differences you want. It will be easier for you to explain to the web developer of ideas you wish to use and eliminate. Moreover, it helps you visualise a basic structure that you approve of.

3.    Knowing Questions to Ask

To determine collaborating with a good website development company, you will ask questions relevant to your expected services. The following points give you insights into relative questions you need to jot down to know what to expect from the service provider:

  • Area of expertise
  • Years of experience
  • Designing process
  • Content management
  • Development process
  • Client servicing
  • Time taken to complete
  • Inputs required
  • Frequency of upgrade and cost
  • Budget

Once their commitment matches your expectations, you will want to hire a web development company for their services.

4.    Providing a Space for Creativity

To create a unique website that stands out compared to competitors, you have to provide a space for creativity to the developers. From design to content, several aspects need exclusive attention. These aspects are beyond the technical processes involved in website development. It is the part you will represent to your target audience to gain their interest.

Final thoughts

BluWebMedia is a website development company with over 500 clients across 25 nations. Our expertise and diverse knowledge across industries make us the perfect fit to create a complete website for your audience. Contact us today to get a detailed insight about how we help shape brands by exhibiting them at their best!